Q&A for intl students at Shanghai University

(Shanghai University) | May 13, 2020

Shanghai University (SHU) answered frequently asked questions for international students.

For students who are currently outside China

Q: On April 30, SHU published a notice about returning to school for the spring semester of 2020. I'm currently outside China. What should I do?
A: According to the notice, "graduating students are starting to return to school from May 10 in different batches and at different times while following school arrangements. Overseas students will not return to school for the time being." So, you need to keep learning online. If you have any problems with study, such as network problems or communication problems, you can contact your counselor. We will try our best to help you.

Q: I will graduate this July, and I can't return to school now. Can I graduate on time?
A: Don't worry. We are helping you to solve difficulties caused by inability to return to school. Actually, some have already been solved, such as online thesis defense and online graduation procedures. Others are under consideration, such as photos for diplomas and signatures for graduation application forms. Later, we will have a specific Q&A for graduates. You should pay attention to our official WeChat account.

Q: I want to terminate the lease on my house in Shanghai. How can I deal with my belongings?
A: You can contact our partner to help you with your lease, luggage deposit and luggage delivery. For further information, please email care@globlity.com.cn

Q: I left some important belongings and luggage in the dormitory. How can I get them back?
A: You can authorize your friends or teacher to come to school to collect your items or pack your luggage and check you out of the dormitory. You can contact your counselor for more information.

For students who currently live off campus

Q: Can I return to Shanghai from other cities in China?
A: Yes. If you live off campus, contact your counselor for registration. And be careful on the way back to Shanghai. If you don't have enough masks for the trip, contact your counselor. We can provide some for your personal protection.

Q: I was in Shanghai during the epidemic. Can I move back to school and live in the dormitory?
A: You can apply to your counselor, and you need to provide a complete record of the 14-day health report and a green Shanghai QR code. You also need to commit to strictly abide by the lockdown management of the school after moving back.

Q: My visa is to expire soon. What can I do?
A: Please submit your visa application on our student management system (student.istudyedu.com) as usual.

Q: I want to pick up some belongings in the dormitory. How can I apply?
A: You can contact your counselor to apply. Provide a complete record of the 14-day health report and a green Shanghai QR code. Your counselor will accompany you during your visit to the school.

Q: Can I go back to my home country?
A: We strongly recommend you to stay in China since there is a high risk of being infected during the flight due to the severe situation outside China.

For students who live on campus

Q: SHU has published a notice about returning to school. Does it mean the school has released the lockdown?
A: No. As of May 10, would-be graduates are allowed to return to school. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the school will continue to implement strict closed-off management. Students are not allowed to leave the campus after returning. If you want to leave the campus for some specific reasons, you need to apply.

Q: Why was my application not approved?
A: For every student's health and safety, your application will go through strict review. If you apply frequently, don't come back to school on time, don't go through the procedure for cancellation of leave or your application is inappropriate, it will be rejected.

Q: Can I move out of the campus and move back later?
A: We do not recommend moving out of the campus. But if you have found a place to live, you can check out of the dormitory and then apply to your counselor to leave the campus. After moving out of the campus, you need to register yourself at the nearest police station. Afterwards, if you want to move back, you have to reapply.

Q: Can I apply to leave the campus for my internship?
A: According to the current notice from the Shanghai Education Commission, off-campus internships are not allowed. The immigration management department also suspended the processing of internship visa. If you are a graduate and want to go for a pre-employment internship or training, you can temporarily live off campus and contact your counselor who will help you get the internship permit from the immigration bureau.

Q: Can I apply to leave the campus for interviews?
A: You can apply online and write a statement about your interview. Send your interview notice to your counselor for reference.

Q: When will the school gym open?
A: Most outdoor sports venues and some indoor ones are open. You can refer to the WeChat account "上大体育" for more information. Due to the limited space and ventilation in the gym, it does not meet the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. So, the school gym won't open for a while. We recommend outdoor places for exercise and sports.

Q: When will the library be in service?
A: The library uses central air-conditioning and gets easily crowded. It is difficult for the library to meet the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control. So, online service is still the main option.



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