Learn Chinese phrases to express concern for someone sick

(The World of Chinese ) | Mar 27, 2020

With Covid-19 spreading across the world, many are anxious about the health of loved ones. Expressing care for them and others can help people get through these strange and difficult times. Here's a variety of ways to say you're worried about someone and their health, for a range different scenarios:

Wish you a speedy recovery
This phrase is a useful catch-all for use any time someone is sick.
Lǎo bǎn, wǒ men zh nín zǎo rì kāng fù!
Boss, we wish you a speedy recovery!

Drink more hot water
The classic Chinese remedy for seemingly all ailments: hot water. It seems strange to many in the West, but it's often the first thing Chinese will mention if one is feeling ill. Though the medicinal benefits are dubious, the concern expressed through the phrase is real.
Nǐ shì bù shì gǎn mào le? Nǐ yīng gāi duō hē rè shuǐ a!
Do you have a cold? You should drink more hot water!

Take care!
This relatively formal phrase is used when bidding farewell to someone and encouraging them to look after themselves.
Dà jiā qǐng duō bǎo zhòng, wǒ hěn kuài jiù huì hé nǐ men jiàn miàn le!
Take care, everyone. I will meet you soon!
Take good care of yourself
This encourages someone to look after their well-being, physically and mentally.
Nǐ yào hǎo hao zhào gù zì jǐ!
You need to take good care of yourself!

Get well soon
This casual phrase is mostly used between close friends when one party isn't feeling well.
Xīwàng nǐ gǎn kuài hǎo qǐ lái!
Hope you get better soon!

Get some rest
Though each of these has slightly different translations, the essence of them is the same: get some shut-eye. It can be used when someone is ill or when someone has been working late, to show you care about their well-being.
Zhè jǐ tiān jì de yào zǎo diǎn er shuì jiào.
Remember to go to bed earlier these days.

Keep warm/Wear more clothes
When someone suffers from a cold, it's often recommended that they keep warm to help the body heal. These two phrases express concern for the sick party.
Zuì jìn tiān lěng, jì de duō chuān diǎn er yī fu.
It's been cold recently, remember to put on more clothes.


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