A letter to international students at Shanghai University

(Shanghai University) | Feb 17, 2020

Dear international students,

We hope all of you who are reading this letter are safe and healthy!

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still ongoing. In response to COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken a series of measures to control the epidemic, effectively mobilizing the entire country. Shanghai has launched a first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies and implemented the strictest prevention and control measures possible. Shanghai University has also carried out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner. The campus is currently closed and has received cooperation from all students.

During this period, teachers and counselors at Shanghai University will closely monitor students' physical and mental health. We have sterilized and ventilated public areas, tried our best to provide masks for students, and purchased daily supplies for t students living on campus with the help of a volunteer team. We also received a lot of encouragement from students from all over the world; we have felt your deep affection for China and Chinese people. The words “pray for China” and “pray for Wuhan” have given us a deeper understanding of the meaning of “community with a shared future for mankind”. We have always been together and taken care of each other.

According to an arrangement by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai University has decided to extend the winter semester. While working to contain COVID-19’s, we have also striven to promote teaching and student services. Shanghai University has made the following arrangements affecting students.

1. The university opening date. To ensure the safety of all students, the University will not open before the end of February. Students are not allowed to return to campus until further notice. Once the opening time is determined, the University will inform students as soon as possible. Please follow us on the University’s website and official WeChat account called “Shanghai University (ShangDaFaBu)”, “SHU GLOBAL (gh_aa4ed9aad807)” and “International Student of Shanghai University (SHU-ISU)”. Please keep in close contact with your counselors, class teachers and tutors.

2. Please cooperate with epidemic prevention efforts. Please fill out “Shanghai University’s international student epidemic prevention report” (the QR code is attached) before 12:00 Beijing time every day and fill in your personal health information truthfully and completely. For students in China, please abide by the instructions and requirements issued by the Chinese government and health authorities. Please take all necessary preventive measures for personal protection. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever, cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dyspnea, etc.), please report to your counselor or tutor immediately. Follow updates regarding COVID-19 published by official agencies (such as National Health Commission of the PRC) to learn about the epidemic situation.

3. Arrangements for the Winter semester. In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on teaching and ensure that students can continue to learn, the university has made plans in accordance with the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. All schools/colleges/departments are working on the arrangements for curriculum teaching, experiments and practice, and physical education courses (including morning running, swimming test). Appropriate announcements will be made accordingly. Once the opening time is decided, you will be notified of arrangements immediately. For students unable to return to school due to epidemic prevention or traffic control, online teaching, counselling and other options will be provided via the university online teaching platform, other online channels and social media. If you have difficulties in online learning, please contact your counselors (fudaoyuan laoshi) for further help.

4. Arrangements for graduation projects (thesis) in the Winter semester. Supervisors/tutors can discuss with students their graduation project (thesis) via the university online teaching platform and other online channels. If the project/thesis involves experiments, the supervisor can make adjustments and revise plans accordingly. The oral defense of graduation projects and graduation (degree) thesis can be conducted online.

5. Arrangements for the Spring semester. For undergraduates, course selection for the Spring semester, which was scheduled from February 15 to 18, is temporarily canceled; likewise, the topic selection for graduation projects (thesis), which was scheduled from February 24 to February 29 is also cancelled. The Academic Affairs Office will make new arrangements accordingly. Please follow the notices issued on the website of the Academic Affairs Office (http://www.jwc.shu.edu.cn/). For graduate students, course selection for the Spring semester has been postponed. Teaching arrangements for the Spring semester will be adjusted accordingly and published on the websites of the Academic Affairs Office and Graduate School.

6. Arrangements for postgraduate students’ research & graduation thesis. For the postgraduate students who have started research projects, internship and graduation (degree) thesis, please keep in contact with your academic supervisors and teaching secretaries of colleges, make full use of the internet to learn more and complete your program assignments. For the postgraduate students who are to take the graduation (degree) thesis oral defense, please prepare according to the requirements of the University. For the detailed requirements, please pay close attention to the notice on the Graduate School website.

7. Visa and insurance for international students. If your residence permit has expired and you need to apply for a new visa to come to China, you can contact your counselor to file an application. Once the opening time is determined, we will send the JW202 and Returning Notice to you by express within two weeks.

8. Other relevant services. Students who need to deal with other affairs before the semester starts may consult and apply by email (issc@oa.shu.edu.cn).

Now is a critical period of COVID-19 prevention and control, the University is very concerned about your health! We hope all of you can take care of yourselves. Shanghai University will always stand by your side. As long as we work together to prevent and control COVID-19, the epidemic will eventually pass. Looking forward to the return of spring, and seeing you all again.


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