Online activities help enrich intl students at home

(study.edu.sh.gov.cn) | Feb 26, 2020

International students take online classes in their dormitory. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

A series of online activities were recently launched by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to help enrich the lives of international students during the extended winter holiday caused by the epidemic.

In order to help international students to keep up with their studies over the extended winter holiday, the international student club has organized a series of lectures for them and is encouraging them to record what they learn every day on a mini program on WeChat."

Li Baoxian, chairman of the international student club, is an ethnic Chinese student from Argentina who chose to stay in his hometown of Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, over the Spring Festival.

"Due to the spread of novel coronavirus, this year's Spring Festival was a lot different than I was expecting," said Li, adding that many communities in Fuzhou have been restricting people from coming and going.

Li said he knew international students had been expressing concern for China amid the epidemic and felt like he should do something for them as club chairman.

Li and his team hope to contribute to the fight against the virus by planning a series of activities for international students.

Li Jinxian, an undergraduate student from Malaysia, is learning linear algebra for next semester on the online course platform MOOC. "Sharing my studies on social media will help inspire others and push us to keep learning."

Wei Dannie from Ecuador is staying at a friend's home in Beijing. "I see this period as a chance to improve myself. I chose to recite English vocabulary and learn to write computer programs." 

Junko Ueda is an undergraduate student from Japan who is living in Fuzhou. "We should avoid going out and stay at home as much as we can. I'm exercising using a fitness app and hope to stick it out while encouraging others."

An international student shares his Chinese language textbook and study notes on the first day. [Photo/WeChat account: SUFE-ICES]


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