Intensive Chinese Language (Shanghai International Studies University)
Updated: 2014-03-09

上外.pngTeaching target and goals

The Intensive Chinese Language Program is especially orchestrated for international students who are going to study undergraduate programs in China, and those who want to improve their Chinese proficiency in the short term. The program aims to help international students, within a short period of time, construct their own Chinese language system, undertake daily communication in Chinese and speak or discuss on a topic in Chinese by focusing on Chinese lexicology and grammar. After completing one academic year’s course, the students’ Chinese proficiency is expected to meet the requirements of entering an undergraduate program in China and reach New HSK level 5 (or old HSK level 6).

Training courses

Basic Chinese Language Courses, including Comprehensive Chinese (grammar, conversation, Chinese characters), Chinese Listening Comprehension, Chinese Reading and Chinese Conversation. 

HSK Intensive Training Courses, focusing on intensive training in aspects of Chinese listening, grammar, reading and comprehensive Chinese. 

There are 36 teaching hours per week.

Level placement

This program is provided at three levels: beginning, elementary and intermediate. (Each level will be available only if there are more than 10 students.)

-  Students who don’t have any knowledge of Chinese enter a beginner level class.

-  Students who are in elementary level or have one semester’s full-time Chinese training in a Chinese university enter an elementary level class.

-  Students who are in the pre-intermediate level or have one year’s full-time Chinese training in a Chinese university enter an intermediate level class.

Length of study

This Program lasts half a year (one semester) or one year. Every year has two semesters. The Spring Semester opens in late February and the Fall Semester opens in Mid-September. The exact opening date is specified in the Acceptance Letter. There are 36 academic sessions each week (each session lasts for 45 minutes).


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