Japanese (Sanda University)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThe Bachelor of Arts in Japanese degree is designed to provide students with knowledge of the Japanese language, literature, history, politics, economy, and society. Students are well trained in the key skills of Japanese listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and interpretation. They will master certain research methods and have the ability to interact appropriately and communicate effectively in formal and informal Japanese settings. The program features Business Japanese, Japanese Translation and Japanese Culture. Graduates of this Japanese major are able to pursue a wide range of careers including business, import and export, cultural exchanges, press and publication, education, research, tourism and so on.


Advanced Japanese, Japanese Listening and Speaking, Japanese Modern and Classical Grammar, Survey of Japan, Translation Theory and Practice, History and Anthology of Japanese Literature, Selections of Japanese Newspapers and Magazines, Japanese Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation.


Bachelor of Arts


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