Spanish (Sanda University)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThis program aims at preparing students with fluency in all areas of the Spanish language required to interact effectively in professional and social contexts, and an understanding of the history, culture and society of Spanish speaking countries. The students will also have the ability to adapt and interact appropriately. It is designed to cultivate specialized talents who can engage in Spanish-related work in foreign affairs institutions, foreign trade companies, foreign-related enterprises, and educational and cultural institutions. Graduates mainly work in management, exports, translation and interpretation, tour-guiding etc. in areas of foreign trade, tourism, foreign affairs, exhibitions, culture, journalism and publishing.


College Spanish 1-4, Advanced Spanish 1-4, Spanish to Chinese Translation, Chinese to Spanish Translation, Spanish Interpretation, Spanish Writing, Newspaper and Magazine Reading, Spanish Listening and Speaking.


Bachelor of Arts


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