Journalism (Media Management (Sanda University)
Updated: 2014-03-10

LOGO.jpgThis program is designed to provide the students with media technology and a fundamental theory of communication which will enable them to understand the operational mechanism of the media market and how it works. It also provides a rounded suite of managerial and commercial skills, which will enable the students to identify and analyze strategic and operational problems and opportunities, understand, quantify and access media markets, and use foresight and planning techniques to respond to change. They will become practical in the spirit of innovation, with skills to engage in strategic direction setting and the ability to plan, operate and manage complex media projects.


Introduction to Journalism, Guide to Communication Studies, Chinese and Foreign Journalism History, Research Methods of Communication Studies, Introduction to Advertising, Introduction to Media Industry, Media Management, Marketing Research, Radio and Television Advertising, Brand Building and Management, New Media Report, Network Communication and etc.


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