Chinese Language (Donghua University)
Updated: 2014-03-31

LOGO.jpgThrough a systematic program of Chinese language teaching and training, cultivate students’ capability of speaking the Chinese Language fluently, and at the same time, enrich students’ range of knowledge, understand Chinese society and its culture and cultivate the application-oriented professionals capable of speaking fluent Chinese in their work through their practical activities. The major is in Chinese language in economics and trade.

Main courses

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Listening and Speaking , Chinese Writing, Modern Chinese, Chinese Literature, Chinese Overview, Chinese Culture, Chinese Information Processing of Computer, Newspapers Reading, Chinese Character Culture, Translation Practice, Contemporary Chinese, Chinese Geography, Chinese Folklore, Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture, Chinese Calligraphy Basics, Business Chinese, Chinese Business Culture, International Trade Practice, Economics Law, Entry to Economics, Management Case Discussion


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