Alhadj Armyaou

(study-shanghai.org) | Mar 05, 2014

哈迪.jpgName: Alhadj Gombo Armyaou       
Country: Chad               
Institute:  East China University of Science and Technology    

My life in East China University of Science and Technology

When I was in high school, go to college is my dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see my college.

My college East China University of Science and technology is inside the one of biggest and beautiful university of Shanghai so that every time I have to across a big campus to go out. At first I am upset about that, but later on I get used to it. My college looks modernization in general. When I arrive at the school gate, the first thing is the boys’ dormitory and then is the playground. Look up! I see the canteen. I see the girls’ dormitory turn left. But where is my classroom? I look around but can’t find it. It turns out that it is separated by burrows. It’s strange, right? While I go across the burrow, I see another two big playgrounds and a tennis court at my left side. What is in my right side? Turn right, I see rows of teaching building connecting with the library. This is my college. I like it not only because of the environment but also the people there.

Both the teachers and students there are very nice. My new friend always help me in the daily life, the thing they usually do . Other classmates always help me, when I meet trouble in study. My teachers are all kind and knowledgeable. Especially my head teacher, he talks with us and plays sports with us in order to make us get used to the new life.

"University", a beautiful word, which makes me, have much imagination. As the name "ivory tower" given by people, it's a good place to live and study. In the ivory tower, romantic love just like cherry blossom smiles happily in the campus.

The most important things is that I can receive the advanced education systematically, listen to the senior professors experience, attend many courses of lectures. To my pleasant, I can be free to spend a whole day in the library and read every book that I'd like, which makes me find the knowledge is vast considerably. All these let me climb up in the field of science. At the same time, the people from many parts of motherland get together. It's a big furnace involved dialects and culture. It's interesting.

As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study, student activities, library and the others.

Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.

Secondly, student activities play an important role in our college life. To be honest, the student Union is a good place where one can develop social skills, get his abilities trained. I take part in many student activities. For example, I’ m a volunteer, teaching the kids to learn to dance and write. I think it’s meaningful for everyone to give a hand to others. I can also do some jobs in the Student Union, including receiving and sending fast mail, selling papers and magazines. I think they’re unforgettable and worthwhile experiences for me.

Thirdly, I also visit the library constantly. It’s said that “shelves of books, oceans of knowledge”, so I read books that I’m interested in. In this way, I can share stories with my new friends and it also changes my horizons .When I’m sad, lost or in trouble, staying the library makes me quiet and comfortable. After all, every life has bad moments as well as good ones, and the library for me is a support in bad moments. So it’s wise choice for me to stay in the library.

Finally, I often do other things in my spare time. In order to alleviate parents’ burden, I often do some part-time jobs and write some articles to earn money. It helps me to be independent and improve my social skills.

In short, my life in university is busy but valuable. You can see that study brings me knowledge, student activities improve myself, library changes my horizons, the others things make me independent. They get all my abilities trained. And I see that the chance will come only if you have a prepared mind, so I’m sure that I can achieve my dreams in college life.

It has been 7 years since I first got to East China university of Science and Technology, some of my classmates say that the college life is boring, because they have plenty of time but do not know what to do. However, from my point of view, the campus life in college is interesting and colorful as long as you make it meaningful.

In the first semester in college, I didn't relax and I still worked hard as I was in the senior school. I usually spent two hours in study at night and I went to the classroom for autonomous learning. But the difference is that I have many extracurricular activities. For example, Besides, I join the Student Union of my department. In the Student Union, I have a group of workmates who work hard together and support to each other. Actually, it looks like a big, warm family that we can share our lives together. During various activities, I realize the importance of team spirit that helps us go further.

East China University of Science and Technology is great stage to improve a student and show one's abilities. In this college, I know more about our society, Chinese society and get more channels to explore the outside world. I realize that I am not only a student but also an adult who is preparing to step into the society.

In short, I cherish my life in East China University of Science and Technology and I will try hard to make it colorful as well as meaningful.


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