Huynh Phuong

(study-shanghai.org) | Mar 05, 2014

黄方.jpgName: Huynh Phuong     
Country: Vietnam             
Institute: East China University of Science and Technology        

If you believe in yourself, you can do it

As most of the boys in the world, I prefered to play games, play sports, read comic books, and skipped class than studying. I didn’t think too much for the future until I met such a good chance and it suddenly changed my life forever. We all know every body has their own story and experiences. It comes from different parts of life. And my fascinating journal has begun since I came to the country which I never thought I would studied there.To achieve a success, I conceived of effort, study hard, intelligent, we need to create the environment and to develop a way of thinking fullest. I think I am a very lucky person when there is a good opportunity  that many would like to have. And that is a full scholarship to study in Shanghai,China.

Within my journal, there were three separate chapters to be told. I called chapter 1 is “ a journal of a hundred miles begin with a single step”. To start first, a few years ago, when I was still a high school student, I didn’t have idea or think about what I wanna be in the future. During the last semester of my high school graduation exam , there was a kind of application which every students had to choose top 3 universities they wanted to attend and which major they wanted to study. At the time, I couldn’t find out of any outstanding job that I really want to do in the future, so I felt panic and pressure a lot.

After getting my high school diploma, it took me a little while to decide whether I should pick any random major to study in university or I should wait until I know what I wanna be. Accidentally, my friend told me about one of the scholarships in China which offered for student 70%, I just applied although I have never learnt Chinese. I didn’t expect too much in my application but surprisedly, I received an airmail after a short time later from the school's scholarship signing with the content of 70% scholarship within 4 academic year. I was happy in tears because I never got such a great opportunity it before ;especially at the moment when I thought that I almost lost direction. However, I realized that no one can predict about the future which good things possibly happen to those who wait. I felt thankful, excited, and anxious about my new life in overseas. And that was how my next chapter began.
The first impression of my university was the huge campus. It was several times wider than my high school in Vietnam. It took me a while to remember all the buildings’s names in Chinese and walkways to each area of the university. Even though I liked the campus, it made me feeling so small while attending a large school ;and I also felt  homesick and lonely but very unfortunately that was just my initial feeling. I passed the Chinese requirement test for international students after a few courses while some other students had to study for 1.5 to 2 years. I decided to study in foreign trade and economic development.I was fascinated by this major a lot ; therefore, after getting my bachelor’s degree, I found a full scholarship for MBA. My life completely changed since I studied MBA degree. In the upper program, I not only study in Chinese , but English is also used in some academic subjects.

Sometimes, it helps me to learn easier but not all the time, especially when I have to analyze article about my field in English. Furthermore, the courses that I has taken here is much more difficult than in BA degrees. Learning in Chinese and English make me stress and sometimes I even think giving up. However, the more the language barrier challenges me, the more I motivate myself to put all the efforts to study because not everyone can get this good opportunity like me. Furthermore, MBA program teach students with a magnitude faster and use the knowledge intensive.

As a result,  students are required to read more books, do more researchs, brainstorming more often ,think sharp ,and importantly understand the theory and basic knowledge to be able to achieve a good results. I can’t negate that my foreign language’s ability are more progressed and improved day by day  since I started learning in master curriculum.
Chapter 3 has began with some different social and university activities which I participated in. The most impressive activities was dragon boat races with other universities. Some other international students and me were representation for our school to take a part in the combitition. We had a few training sessions together before race day. Since we corporated well with each other and had such a strong solidarity spirit in a large team, we won the best reward. It was a honor for us and our school. And because of this kind of acitivities, I had more international friends and had another unforgetable memories during my journey in China.

Moreover, school holded some activities such as kite flying, sports days, and International night for students to entertain and learn about different culture traditionals of the country where all the foreign students came from.I think this were a fun activities because I could understand more about the countries that I never been and the entertainment genres that I had never tried such as kite flying. Last but not least, I was invited to perform in some important occasions in Shanghai such as the exchange relation meeting in multiple universities, cultural festival at the University of transportation, and I even had a honor to perform at the Vietnam Embassy in Shanghai.

Also some other Vietnamese and I represent for international students in my university to sing for some programs and school activities. I think engaging in extracurricular activities help me to establish better relationships, making me grow bolder and more confident . And part of it is give me more environments to improve my foreign language and to learn better. For me, I believe it will be easier for us to success if we can balance between learning well and get valuable experience in the social activities.



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  • Shanghai University of Sport
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