Shanghai Maritime University

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This university concentrates on shipping, logistics, economy and management but covers other disciplines as well, including engineering, law, the sciences, and literature.

Following are tutors for international students in the university.

Scientific Research Academy
Huang Youfang
Lin Guolong
Le Meilong
Yang Bin
Transport and Communications College
Shi Xin
Sha Mei
Liu Wei
Wang Xuefeng
Zhao Gang
Zhen Hong
Law School
Jiang Zhengxiong
College of Foreign Languages
Cai Yongliang
Liu Guohui
Wu Jianguo
Zheng Lixin
Wang Lei
Ni Weiping
Xu Ningyun
School of Economics and Management
Qu Linchi
Yu Siqin
Gao Jin
Gan Aiping
Liang Shengang
Su Yu
Song Bingliang
Zhou Xizhao
Wang Chuanxu
Merchant Marine College
Xiao Yingjie
Shi Chaojian
Jiang Guohe
Wei Haijun
Zhang Xuelai
College of Information Engineering
Wang Xiaofeng


Scientific Research Academy


Huang Youfang

PhD, professor and doctoral advisor and president of Shanghai Maritime University

Huang Youfang has published and released at least 90 papers in national and foreign magazines, as well as at academic meetings. Possessing a number of patents, he has written a few books and has independently handled or led nearly 50 research projects.

Areas of research

1. Modern port logistics management or engineering projects
2. Theory and systems in intelligent information of shipping logistics
3. Comprehensive environment of purchase and supply chain management

22.jpgLin Guolong

Bachelor, professor and doctoral advisor of Scientific Research Academy

Lin Guolong, an expert on international logistics, bonded logistics and supply chain management, has completed a number of national and provincial-level research projects, along with consulting projects from various enterprises. He also works as consultant for several logistics, manufacturing and trade companies.


1. Competition Strategies
2. Modern Logistics Management
3. Operation Management
4. Integration of Logistics Management and Supply Chain
5. Quantitative Analysis of Shipping Economy
6. Container Shipping Management
7. Container Shipping Theory
8. International Shipping Management

乐美龙(科学研究院).jpgLe Meilong

PhD, professor and doctoral advisor and deputy dean of the university’s Scientific Research Academy

Before returning to China, he spent more than two years in the United States’ Supply Chain and Logistics Research Institution doing logistics-related research, thus acquiring a thorough and deep knowledge of the industry in developed Western countries.

Having published six books and at least 70 papers, with three provincial awards, he has taught almost 100 overseas students, doctoral candidates and master’s degree candidates.


Email: meilongle@hotmail.com
Tel: +86-21-3828-2000-4620, 5885-5200-2711, 6585-3850-8005

23.jpgYang Bin

Doctor of engineering, professor and doctoral advisor of the university's Scientific Research Academy

Yang Bin has guided more than 10 graduates, published at least 40 academic papers, and put forward a proposal on industry standards. Yang possesses eight invention patents and software copyrights.

He has independently handled or led over 10 national and provincial projects from agencies such as the Science and Technology Ministry, the Industry and Information Technology Ministry, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Shanghai government’s Development Research Center.

Areas of research

Shipping logistics-related research, including systematic planning, information management, knowledge discovery and intelligent systems

Transport and Communications College

2.jpgShi Xin

PhD, professor and doctoral advisor of the transport planning and management major in the Transport and Communications College

He has been engaged long-term in teaching and research of transport planning and management.

Areas of research

Shipping development strategy and planning

3.jpgSha Mei

PhD and professor of the Transport and Communications College

Sha Mei has published a number of papers in authoritative periodicals and at academic meetings. She teaches courses on supply chain and port and human source management for bachelor’s students, postgraduates and large companies.

Areas of research

Port management and simulation, shipping and logistics management


1. General Modeling and Simulation of Container Port’s Logistics Operation System
2. Supply Chain Management and Logistics

6.jpgLiu Wei

Doctor of engineering, professor and doctoral advisor of the Transport and Communications College

Liu Wei teaches bachelor’s and postgraduate courses, including system engineering, international enterprise management, international business, quantitative methods in economic management, logistics management, supply chain management (bilingual), logistics and supply chain management cases, engineering economics, shipping economics, transport economics, high-tech economics and traffic investment decision-making.

He has published more than 50 academic papers on foreign and domestic periodicals (such as SCI, EI, CSCD and CSSCI) and at international meetings.

Areas of research

Maritime affairs and shipping planning and management, logistics services and supply chain management science and engineering, strategic planning and management modernization of port and shipping logistics, economic analysis of traffic transport and logistics, economic arguments of project technology and evaluation of project feasibility


Address: Room 321A, SMU Transport and Communications College, No 1550, Haigang Ave, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Email: weiliu@shmtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21-3828-2311

王雪峰.jpgWang Xuefeng

Professor and doctoral advisor of Shanghai Maritime University, PhD from Shanghai Jiaotong University, postgraduate and bachelor’s degrees from Shanghai Maritime University, head of the international shipping department at Shanghai Maritime University


1. International Vessel Agent Service, China Communications Press, 2006
2. Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier System and Business, Dalian Maritime University Press, 2006
3. Bill of Lading: Practice and Laws, China Commerce and Trade Press, 2005
4. International Sea Shipping Agent: Theory and Practice, China Commerce and Trade Press, 2005
5. International Logistics, Higher Education Press, 2009
6. International Carriage of Goods by Sea, Tongji University Press, 2006
7. International Logistics Risk and Insurance, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2006, 2nd Edition 2008

5.jpgZhao Gang
PhD, professor and doctoral advisor of the transportation planning and management department

Zhao Gang has been engaged in the teaching and research of international shipping management, logistics management and computer applications for a long time.

More than 20 academic papers of his have been published in core periodicals -- including Systems Engineering - Theory & Practice, Journal of Systems Engineering and Navigation in China -- and at foreign and domestic key meetings. He has 12 books to his name.

Area of research

Modern management of shipping, logistics management, system optimization and information system construction


1. International Shipping Management
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Shipping Enterprise Operation Management

真虹(交通运输).jpgZhen Hong

PhD in management, winner of the national government’s special allowance, professor and doctoral advisor of the transportation planning and management department

He has published 13 books and over 130 papers, and handled 15 national and provincial research projects.

Areas of research

Modern management of enterprises, operations management, port management and logistics management

Law School

蒋正雄(法学院)_2.jpgJiang Zhengxiong
Professor, dean of Shanghai Maritime University’s law school

Areas of research

Law of carriage of goods by sea, charter party, marine insurance law, admiralty law


1. Container Transportation (as the lead author)
2. Maritime Law Dictionary (as a chief editor)
3. Chinese Law Dictionary (as editor)

College of Foreign Languages

蔡永亮.jpgCai Yongliang

Professor of English language and literature, postgraduate student supervisor

The major papers of Cai Yongliang include over 30 papers published in such academic periodicals as Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Foreign Language World and Foreign Language Teaching. He now teaches courses such as advanced English for undergraduates and social linguistics for graduates.

Areas of research

Language planning and policy, American civilization


1. Language Loss and Culture Survival - The Decline of American Native Languages
2. Language Education and Assimilation - American Native Language Policy
3. Language Education and Language Policy in the United States

刘国辉.jpgLiu Guohui

Professor of English linguistics and postgraduate student supervisor

Liu has published about 60 papers in academic journals, including Foreign Languages Teaching and Research and Foreign Languages.

Main courses

General linguistics, cognitive linguistics, academic paper writing and pragmatics

Areas of research

Cognitive linguistics, pragmatics and English-Chinese contrastive studies


1. Explorations of Contemporary Linguistics Theories and Practices (1999)
2. A Survey of Historical Comparative Linguistics (2000)
3. Language, Cognition and Information Processing (2007)
4. Pragmatic and Cognitive Studies of Linguistic Phenomena (2007)
5. A Contrastive Study of Request Strategies in English and Chinese (2007)
6. Theories and Applications of Contemporary Linguistics (2010)
7. Theories and Applications of Contemporary Linguistic Cognition (2012)


Email: ghliu@shmtu.edu.cn

wujainguo-haishi.jpgWu Jianguo

Professor of English language and literature (master’s degree), postgraduate student supervisor

Wu Jianguo has published over 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, including China Translators, Literary World (Hong Kong-based), Shanghai Translators and Translators.

Areas of research

English language and literature, English-Chinese translation studies, international business communications


1. Main academic works: Fitzgerald Studies, International Trade
2. Main course books: Intensive English Readings - Advanced Level, English Course Books for Graduate Students (five volumes)


Email: ckwu007@hotmail.com
Tel: +86-21-3828-2740

zhenglixin-haishi.jpgZheng Lixin

Professor of English language and literature, postgraduate student supervisor

Areas of research

Linguistics, language and culture research, lexicography (compilation of English-Chinese bilingual dictionaries)


1. American English and American Culture (as co-author), Hunan Education Press, 1993
2. Language and Culture (as co-editor), Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 1990
3. A Contrastive Study of Cohesion in English and Chinese (as co-author), Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2001
4. Comparative Studies of English and Chinese and Cross-Cultural Communication (as co-editor), Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2004

wanglei-haishi.jpgWang Lei


Teaching courses

Comprehensive English, contrastive study and translation between English and Chinese

Areas of research

Syntactical structure and semantics, discourse analysis, contrastive study and translation between English and Chinese


Tel: +86-21-3828-2726
Email: leiwang@shmtu.edu.cn

niweiping-haishi.jpgNi Weiping

Associate professor of Chinese language and literature
Main courses

Chinese language and literature, comparison between Chinese culture and Western culture, literature appreciation, applied writing of economics

Areas of research

Chinese language and culture, comparison between Chinese culture and Western culture, writing


1. New Version of College Chinese (chief editor)
2. Economic and Management Writing Course
3. Foreign Related Secretary Practices and Writing (co-author in charge of writing section)
4. Modern Economics Writing
5. Applied Writing for Economics 

xuningyun-haishi.jpgXu Ningyun

Associate professor of English language and literature, doctor of arts

Main courses

English vocabulary and semantics

Xu Ningyun has published over 30 papers in such academic journals as Foreign Language and Foreign Language Teaching. Xu has also published two academic books.

Areas of research

Cognitive linguistics and media linguistics


Blog website: http://user.qzone.qq.com/1271567950/main

School of Economics and Management

qulingchi-wuliu.jpgQu Linchi

Professor, doctoral advisor

Areas of research

Shipping economics and logistics, shipping finance, theories and policies of shipping industry, ocean economy and strategic management

Teaching materials
http://blog.sina.com.cn/qulinchi; http://hi.baidu.com/qulinchi


Email: Lcqu@shmtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21-3828-2419

yusiqin-wuliu.jpgYu Siqin

Professor, doctoral advisor

Yu Siqin is engaged in teaching and research of transportation economy and management. He has worked as chief editor and co-editor for over 30 publications and has published more than 70 academic papers.


Tel: +86-21-3828-4581
Email: ysq@shmtu.edu.cn

gaojin-国际.jpgGao Jin

Professor, doctoral advisor of the university's international trade and professional finance

Gao Jin has published more than 10 academic papers in key journals, including Financial Accounting Monthly, China Price, Finance and Economy, and China-USA Business Review. His book Stock Pricing Mechanism and Equity Financing was published in 2007.

Areas of research

Capital markets, corporate finance, investment analysis, macroeconomic analysis


Email: kevinrc86@126.com 
Tel: +86-21-3828-2433

ganaiping-国际.jpgGan Aiping

Professor at the school of economics and management, graduate advisor

Gan Aiping has published over 40 academic papers and presided over 16 research subjects.

Areas of research

Industrial economy, shipping finance and investment, financing and taxation, international politics and economics, macroeconomics, history and culture


Email: apgan@shmtu.edu.cn; ap-gan@126.com
Tel: +86-21-3828-2493

liangshengang-gnogguan.jpgLiang Shengang

Associate professor and dean of the international economics and trade department in the school of economics and management

Liang Shengang has participated in many research projects at the provincial level. Liang has also presided over and participated in various research and consulting projects for government departments and enterprises. 

suyu-国际.jpgSu Yu
Su Yu teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in addition to teaching and managing MBA and EMBA programs.

Main courses

For undergraduates: International trade theories and policies
For postgraduates: Microeconomics, international economics (in English)
MBA and EMBA: Financial theories and practices, managerial economics


Email: yusu@shmtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21-3828-2453

songbingliang-gongguan.jpgSong Bingliang

Professor and doctoral advisor of the school of economics and management

Song Bingliang is mainly engaged in the research of port economics and shipping logistics management. He has completed a dozen research projects at the provincial level.


1. Dynamic Study of Port Cities
2. Asian Container Ports (co-author, published by Palgrave Macmilan in 2009)
3. Port Economics, Policy and Management (chief-editor)

zhouxizhao.jpgZhou Xizhao

Professor, doctoral advisor and deputy dean of the school of economics and management

He engages in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research related to traffic planning and management, management science and engineering. To date, he has published over 80 academics papers in some core journals and conferences of academic significance at home and abroad, including Linear Algebra and Its Application, The System Engineering Journal and The Journal of Tongji University. In the past five years, Zhou has taken charge of seven research projects at state and provincial levels and participated in eight other academic projects.


Email: xzzhou@shmtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21-3828-2405

wangchuanxu.jpgWang Chuanxu

Professor and doctoral advisor

His research includes port and shipping management and logistics and supply chain management. He engages in teaching and research of traffic transportation and logistics management. In addition, he is in charge of more than 20 research projects at state and provincial levels, and has written and published over 60 academic papers on core academic journals and conferences at home and abroad.


Email: cxwang@shmtu.edu.cn
Tel: +86-21-3828-2490

Merchant Marine College

xiaoyingjie-shangchuan.jpgXiao Yingjie

Professor and doctoral advisor at Merchant Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University

Xiao Yingjie’s main courses include navigation for undergraduate students, ship routing and assessment system of marine traffic engineering for postgraduate students, and assessment model and method of vessel traffic and safety system for doctoral students.

He has published more than 20 academic papers and monographs, including On the Role of Ship Routing Systems of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu in the Development of Society and Economy, Safety Demonstration of the Channel through Simulation Tests for Shanghai Deep Port, and the English-Chinese Navigation and Engineering Dictionary

施朝健-shangchuan.jpgShi Chaojian

Professor and a doctoral advisor

Shi Chaojian is the dean of the university’s international education school. In the past three years, Shi has taken charge of 30 research projects and published over 50 papers. He was awarded with a special government allowance of the State Council.

jiangguohe.jpgJiang Guohe

Professor and doctoral advisor of the marine engineering department of Merchant Marine College 

He has chaired more than 20 academic projects in the past five years and has published over 30 papers in such core academic journals as Shipbuilding in China, Vibration and Shock, and Noise and Vibration Control. Five of them have been collected by EI, a leader in providing online information, knowledge and support for engineering researchers. 

Areas of research

Vbration and noise control, marine diesel engines and mechanical equipment fault diagnosis technology

weihaijun.jpgWei Haijun

Professor and doctoral advisor
He has chaired a dozen research projects at state and provincial levels and has obtained one patent of invention and three new utility patents. In addition, he has published more than 50 papers in academic journals at home and abroad.

He was also the author of nearly 10 monographs related to ship and marine equipment testing, marine maintenance, and repair and ship lubricant oil use.  

Areas of research

Modern marine engineering, monitoring of marine machinery lubricant oil, mechanical equipment fault diagnosis and analysis

章学来_2.jpgZhang Xuelai

Professor, doctoral advisor

Zhang Xuelai teaches and researches marine engineering, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering. He has chaired over 20 scientific projects at state, provincial and municipal levels, and has published more than 100 papers in journals and conferences of academic significance, including Applied Thermal Engineering, the CIESC Journal and the Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 

College of Information Engineering

王学峰_2.jpgWang Xiaofeng

PhD, doctoral advisor
Wang Xiaofeng is a doctor of engineering in the field of traffic information engineering and control. He has chaired and participated in over 30 research projects at state and provincial levels. As a chief-editor, he has published two course books related to computer and information systems, a translation work and one monograph.

Areas of research

Artificial intelligence and its application in traffic information engineering and control, data mining and knowledge discovery


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