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程维明.jpgCheng Weiming

PhD engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Cheng took part in national and provincial scientific research programs and has published around 80 papers in Chinese and foreign journals, with 18 in EI.

Areas of research

Precision testing technology, optical engineering, and precision machinery.

茅建.jpgMao Jian

Mao has published around 30 papers in Chinese and foreign journals, with six in SCI and around 20 in EI. He also helped compile three textbooks and has one utility patent and holds a copyright on software.

Areas of research

Accuracy measurement and quality controls, advanced manufacturing technology.

王大中.jpgWang Dazhong

PhD engineering and associate professor

Wang does research on cutting chatter transfer laws and formation mechanisms, pantograph vibration controls, delay system model tracking, generalized systems model tracking, and fuzzy systems model tracking controls. His papers have appeared in the International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Kybernetika, and International Journal of Automation and Computing. He also reviews papers for more than 10 journals, including the International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacturing, Asian Journal of Control, and International Journal of System Science

Areas of research

Mental cutting, model tracking controls, pantographs and their control, robotics controls

杭鲁滨.jpgHang Lubin

PhD, professor, mechanical design and theory

Hang has published about 50 papers in domestic and foreign core journals and conferences including the Journal of Mechanical Engineering and ASME Transaction, among which two have been collected in SCI and 17 have been collected in EI. He also conducts applied research on special mobile robots, energy-saving equipment, polishing and grinding machines, multi-wire saws and gear processing equipment.

Areas of research

Parallel robot mechanism, modern mechanisms, non-standard equipment design and mathematical mechanization

何涛.jpgHe Tao

PhD, associate professor, dean, mechanical design and theory

He has published 10 papers, among which five have been collected in EI, together with five text books and reference books. He has applied one patent and one has been authorized.

Areas of research

Smart grid, mechanical and electronic products design and parts rolling technology

陈凌珊.jpgChen Linshan

PhD, professor, vehicle engineering

Chen has published 45 papers in domestic and foreign journals, being the first author of 24 papers. Four papers have been collected in EI, and 22 were published in core journals.

Areas of research

Vehicle energy saving and emission control, key vehicle components design


1. Variable valve timing of vehicle engine research and optimized design, Chinese Internal Combustion Engine Engineering, Vol.24, 2003, 4
2. Influence of gasoline transferred from methanol fueling in engine on its emission characteristics research, small internal combustion engine and motorcycle, Vol.35, 2006

王岩松.jpgWang Yansong

PhD, professor, vehicle engineering

Wang is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers – China, the Acoustical Society of China and Chinese Association for System Simulation. He is also a peer review expert of the National Natural Science Foundation and a reviewer for seven international magazines including J. Sound and Vibration.

Areas of research

Vehicle system dynamics (NVH measurement and control technology)

周志峰.jpgZhou Zhifeng

PhD, associate professor, mechatronic engineering

Zhou took part in a National Natural Science Foundation project called “Conflict information fusion research based on transferable belief model” and is conducting research on the development of a precision agricultural machinery control board, based on the Big Dipper navigation satellite.

Areas of research

Computer measurement and control, intelligent agricultural equipment based on the Big Dipper and GPS, embedded systems, signal processing

徐菁利.jpgXu Jingli

PhD, professor

Xu Jingli is mainly engaged in pesticide chemistry and catalysis research. Xu has made a series of achievements in the research of chemical pesticides. Xu has published more than 20 academic papers and has obtained four patents of invention.
Areas of research

Research and application of new functional materials (catalytic technology)

孙智华.jpgSun Zhihua


Sun is mainly engaged in asymmetric synthesis and the total synthesis of bioactive molecules. At the same time, he has done significant research on new drugs. He has published more than 20 papers in influential journals, including Synlett, JOC, Green Chemistry, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, TL, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, the Journal of Natural Products and EJOC.

 Areas of research

Research and application of organic functional materials

王锦成.jpgWang Jincheng

Professor, PhD

Wang Jincheng studies nano intercalation and functional polymer materials. Wang has undertaken 19 scientific research projects.

Wang has applied for 17 national invention patents, of which eight have been authorized. In recent years, He has published more than 50 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals

Lin Wensong

Associate professor and master’s student tutor with a doctorate

Lin Wensong has published 20 papers and has edited one book. He has also participated in national and provincial research programs.

Areas of research

Technology for surface modification of materials, powder metallurgy and materials

李军.jpgLi Jun

PhD, professor

Li Jun is engaged in laser surface modification research. He has been published 35 papers on “Thin Solid Films”, “Materials Letters” as the first author. He has also applied for four national invention patents, two of which have been authorized.

Areas of research

Surface modification

于治水.jpgYu Zhishui

PhD, professor

Yu has extensive experience in the connection principle and technology research of new materials, and the theoretical study of micro-connection technology. He has published more than 100 papers at home and abroad, including 71 articles that were selected by SCI and EI.

Areas of research

New material connection principle and technology, micro-connection technology theory

杨尚磊.jpgYang Shanglei

Yang has presided over more than 10 national or provincial research programs and has published more than 50 scientific papers at home and abroad, including more than 40 articles as the first author and over 20 that were selected by SCI and EI.

Areas of research

Connection of lightweight materials and refractory materials, high energy beam machining, fatigue reliability of material, joint and structure

林兰天.jpgLin Lantian

PhD, professor

Lin has presided over many commissioned projects for enterprises over the years. He has published a group of papers in SCI and other influential journals, including his paper Analysis of Environmental Impact on Mechanical Properties of Aramid Filaments. He has obtained three national invention patent authorizations. Some of his patents were used in industrial application to yield economic benefits for enterprises.

Areas of research

Textiles for industrial use, woven science

刘晓霞.jpgLiu Xiaoxia

PhD, professor

Liu Xiaoxia teaches courses on the introduction of non-wovens, textiles for industrial use, weaving science, modern new weaving technology, and intelligent textiles and clothing. She has published more than 40 papers in Textile Research Journal, Journal of Textile Research, Cotton Textile Technology, and Shanghai Textile Science & Technology.

Areas of research

Phase change thermostat textiles and fire insulation materials

沈勇.jpgShen Yong

PhD, professor

Shen Yong has published five academic books and more than 80 papers, including a dozen papers selected by SCI, EI and ISTP.

Areas of research

Textile chemistry, development of ecological and functional textiles

1. Adsorption of a Total Crude Cellulase on Cotton, Viscose, and Flax Yarns (AATCC Rev.)
2. Kinetics of the Cellulase Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Cellulose Fibers (Textile Res. J.)

王黎明.jpgWang Liming

Associate professor

Wang has been mainly engaged in the teaching and research of technology and theory on textile dyeing and finishing, surface modification and processing technology of textile materials, and the application of nanotechnology in textile functional finishing.
Wang has published more than 80 papers in influential journals at home and abroad, including eight papers that were selected by EI and SCI. Wang has obtained a dozen patent applications and authorizations.

Areas of research

Textile chemistry and dyeing engineering

胡守忠.jpgHu Shouzhong

Dean of the school of fashion engineering

Hu engages in research of the textile and fashion market, as well as the educational economy and research management. He has undertaken more than 20 research projects and published about 50 academic papers and reports.



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